Clean water is a human right.

Everyone has the right to drink clean water

At Bluewater, we are doing so much more than just selling spectacularly efficient water purifiers, we are pioneering a new generation of health and wellbeing solutions.

From the day we launched our brand in 2013 our vision has been to deliver water purifiers that tangibly do good for the people using this. This means offering pristine water to drink, prepare food with, cook with and much more.

Our founder and CEO, Swedish entrepreneur Bengt Rittri, was driven by the idea to innovate and market globally the world’s best water purifiers because he believes that everyone has the right to drink water free of contaminants.

For him, and all of us working at Bluewater, our ethos is that clean drinking water is a basic human right. Bluewater exists to provide our customers at home or at work with products that wow them by giving them water as pure as nature intended.

Achieving our vision involves tapping into the skills, energy, confidence and positive emotions of everyone working at Bluewater. Our success at continuously doing that ensures we keep the company innovating, creating value and astonishing our customers in a world where loyalty is tougher than ever to earn.

Our Bluewater values

Most of what we are is water. And because we are what we drink, we need to make it count!
Water sustains us. It helps us run and dance. It brings life to our skin, keeps our eyes sparkling, fights fatigue and irritability and flushes toxins from our bodies.

Pristine water is cool and a basic human right. It makes us all beautiful.

Our passion at Bluewater is to deliver contaminant free drinking water from the tap using the world best water purification technologies. At home or in the workplace such as a restaurant, canteen or hospital, we believe in pure clean water from every kitchen tap.

We are Bluewater. We don’t just believe in the power of healthier drinking water from your tap, we dream, live, love and move with it. That’s why we do water like nature intended, pure and simple.

Proud of our former sister company Blueair

All of us at Bluewater are proud of our former sister company Blueair – founded by Mr. Bengt Rittri in 1996 and acquired by Unilever in the fall of 2016.

Blueair has grown into the biggest name in indoor air purification on the global stage thanks to the passionate commitment the belief that breathing clean indoor air as pure as nature intended is a basic human right. This pure inspiration led to the world’s best air purification systems that are simply better by design—going beyond performance to deliver function, innovation and style that inspires with every breath you take.

Blueair believes in breathing deep and slow. Knowing that every breath of fresh air we take restores life, filling us with energy, health, strength, and serenity. Fighting fatigue and fear as we clear the mind, invigorate the spirit and rejuvenate the skin to awaken the natural beauty within us all.

BLUEAIR doesn’t just believe in the power of cleaner, healthier air, they live and breathe it.



Winning awards is not what drives us. Rather, it is our passion for pure drinking water from the tap that drives us to innovate the world’s best water purifiers. With a focus on health, wellness and design our water purifiers have attracted international praise for the way they function and fit modern lifestyle aspirations.

Red Dot

Since 1955, Germany’s internationally recognized Red Dot Design Award, has honored the very best in design on a global level. The Bluewater Cleone has been awarded the Red Dot award for its ground breaking design and function.


Bluewater was honored with no less than four prestigious Transform Awards Asia, including one Gold prize, for the successful launch of its premium water purifiers in key Asian markets, including China. The awards included being recognized for ‘Best implementation of a brand development programme across multiple markets’.

Bluewater’s Managing Director said: ““Bluewater’s speed-of-light successful brand positioning and image building has been the result of a disruptive communications mission that has broken traditional industry norms with a strategic cocktail of trade show, public relations and social media activities.”