Bluewater Spirit

Taste the pure difference!

Professional chefs source only the best and freshest ingredients and they definitely don’t want impurities in tap water, such as chlorine, to negatively impact the taste of their culinary creations. Reducing a sauce by simmering will concentrate tap water impurities, while rice absorbs whatever contaminants are in the water.

The ultimate solution to create pure water at home both for drinking and cooking is to use a reverse osmosis water purifier. Thanks to the unique SuperiorOsmosis™-technique used in Bluewater Spirit, you can now experience all the pleasures of pure water to make flavors shine in your home - from soups and stews to sorbets and flavored ice. A healthier lifestyle packed in Swedish design and placed under the sink.


Bluewaters own patented technology SuperiorOsmosis™ has opened up for a whole new generation water purifiers both in terms of performance and design. The technology is developed in Sweden with the aim to deliver pure water 24 hours a day. The new technology is energy efficient and fully utilizes the inlet water. Bluewaters SuperiorOsmosis™- technology delivers up to 70% purified water and only 30% waste water. In traditional RO-units the ratio is usually the direct opposite, up to 70% waste water and only 30% pure water.

Purification Flow


    • Economical water circulation system
    • Efficient wastewater solution
    • Direct flow and no need of tank
    • Purifies up to 3 liters of water/min (180 liters/h)
    • Market leading water purification
    • Low energy consumption
    • Low cost maintenance
    • Compact and neat Swedish design

How to install a Bluewater Spirit