"It’s exciting to be part of the creation of a brand, to develop its design, visualize its values and expression, to give it physical presence."
-Gustav Nord, Senior Product Designer, Howl

At the heart of Scandinavian design

Healthy drinking water is part of a healthy lifestyle. Without pure water human life would not exist. Yet less than one percent of all the water on the planet is drinkable. That is why we innovate water purifiers at Bluewater designed to do justice to such a precious commodity. Elegant, qualitative and affordable. For you, for everyone.

Form and function are at the heart of the Scandinavian design. Bluewater is no exception. This is why we chose to work with some of Sweden’s most renowned industry designers. Bluewater purifiers have won international industrial design prizes due to their unmatched reliability, capacity and efficiency In delivering pure, safe and healthy water. As Bluewater Chief Designer Gustav Nord says: the challenge is to create likeable household solutions with outstanding user functionality that fit contemporary kitchens and are easy to install.

Interview with Gustav Nord, Senior Product Designer at Howl:

It’s exciting to be part of the creation of a brand, to develop its design, visualize its values and expression, to give it physical presence.

Bluewater turned to long time trusted partner and Scandinavian design agency Howl to get the design ball rolling. Howl’s award winning product designer Gustav Nord and Bluewater founder Bengt Rittri returned to where they once begun. To the values and heritage of our sister company, Blueair and the desire to contribute to the pure clean air and fresh water in households all over the world.

Working with air and water feels both satisfying and important” Gustav says, adding “Even if you wished it wasn’t necessary.

Winner of several awards for his air and water purifying designs, Gustav looks forward to the ongoing collaboration with Bluewater.

When it comes to design, Gustav admits to a preference for a ‘de–technification’ of both air and water purifiers.

The units should not be perceived as ‘technical devices’, but as good friends that you feel comfortable being around. They should be objects of timeless design, invisible but enjoyable.

At Howl, the design teams work to create products that matter, that add quality to life. For Bluewater, this is fundamental.

The design challenge, Gustav explains, is to form likeable household solutions with outstanding user functionality, items that fit contemporary kitchens and are easy to install. As water purifiers often are hidden away, there is the added challenge of getting across a daily brand experience.

Gustav envisions a future with new connective product features: We should always strive to meet contemporary needs with unexpected and progressive designs, he finishes.